NEVER PLAN ANYTHING, Lets not talk about the weather…

PEOPLE MAKE PLACES, Fishing is just a bonus

LEAVE ONLY FOOTPRINTS, This needs no explanation

About Me

Hey! I’m Martyn, founder of BerleyPro. In 2015 at 25 I started BerleyPro in Melbourne, Australia. Chasing fish is my passion and I’ll go wherever the fish are. Kayak fishing is the ultimate way to see a place Although fishing is the main goal my eyes are always open to the new places I travel. With this in mind, I pride myself on running my business with using biodegradable or recyclable packaging and doing everything I can to look after my playground.

Disclaimer: I’m not a writer, I’m not a photographer, I’m a google university student living life my way. Send me a email or drop a comment and I’ll get back to you! Thanks for reading and hopefully this will help you in your own adventures!