Face Shield (Donate to someone else)


By purchasing this we will send this mask to someone that needs it! Want us to specifically send you some? Click this link here and you can buy them with your address and we will send them! Please only have them sent where people are expecting them. We’re working around the clock and want to make sure these are used!

Hey legends, We all know COV-19 has put everyone in a horrible position so we are doing our bit to chip in and help the people looking after us. We’ve seen the shortage of face shields, so we have swapped over to producing them. We’re offering these free to medical staff and are sending them daily. If you need some please email me at martyn@berleypro.com with your location and how many you need.

They are made from a foam strip, clear plastic, and elastic band.

These are costing us around $3 each in materials so we’ve put up a price of $5 if you would like to donate some money to help us produce them, keep our staff employed or send some to people that need them around you. I can’t thank you enough for everything!!!

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