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BerleyPro is a company based in Melbourne, Australia.  I (Martyn Gittens) started BerleyPro with my first ever fishing product which was a self plunging Berley Pot called the BerleyPro. I now produce the world known BerleyPro light and a series of other electrical components and accessories . BerleyPro is a company based on innovation and creativity. With your support and feedback we are further developing our product range and are forever expanding.


Martyn Gittens – Creative Director and Kayak Fisherman

Sail Fish

Although relatively new to the sport… but only 26 years old, kayak fishing has become without a doubt the biggest part of my life. Since starting BerleyPro I have met some amazing people around the world who  have shown me amazing times and taught me new skills and techniques and I can not thank them enough. I work a full time job as a Design engineer for a CNC engineering firm and I work on all of the products you see in my spare time. BerleyPro has become such a driving passion for me as it is pushing my skill set to the next level and in turn the products are further evolving. I thank everyone for the positive reviews on my products and all the feedback you can give me!

Davina – The BerleyPro Family Dog and Kayak FisherDog

Dave on kayakI was found on the highway this year on the way to Taco Bills for the first Aussie Yakaroos team meeting. Ever since then I just can not get enough of kayak fishing so I drag Martyn down to the water whenever I can.








Trappa – Quality Assurance and Production Manager

FB_IMG_1441264931126At 27 I have been involved with the BerleyPro team since the beginning. I have been kayak fishing for more than a third of my life and it has become a way of life. I enjoy the social side of fishing and nothing is more thrilling than getting someone in a yak or onto a fish for their first time!