Warranty and Returns

BerleyPro Warranty and Return Policy

All orders placed with BerleyPro constitute the acknowledgment and acceptance of all

conditions listed below. All materials and designs are subject to change without notice.

BerleyPro reserves the rights to change any and all terms and conditions of sale without


All BerleyPro products are designed to be fitted and used as specified by BerleyPro.

BerleyPro takes no responsibility for other manufactures warranty from products which

are designed to be used in conjunction with other manufacturers components. It is the

consumers responsibility to check if BerleyPro products void the existing manufacturers



BerleyPro provides a limited 1 year warranty which covers defects or malfunctions with

BerleyPro products. The warranty is valid for 1 year from purchase date and proof of

purchase is required. Products will not be covered in the following circumstances, abuse,

neglect or an act of god or use of this product for purposes it was not designed for.

Warranty Returns

All returns are to be emailed directly to enquires@berleypro.com. We will resolve this

issue by trouble shooting via email or phone when required. In the case of a defective

item we will repair or replace the item at no charge. We will determine if return of the

product is required after first contact.

Returns Policy

BerleyPro will provide a refund in full for most, as new and unopened products

purchased incorrectly or for a change of mind within 30 days of purchase. The customer

will be responsible for all shipping costs in regards to non-defective products or a

mistake on the consumers behalf. If the incorrect item is our error, we will pay all

shipping costs.