The Will-I-Loader is a unique lifter designed to fit into the hitch of your vehicle for loading and unloading kayaks, sups, and other long items onto the roof racks of your vehicle. This unit is specifically designed to be a quick way for 1 person to load your kayak on and off your car or 4×4 with minimum effort. Your kayak can be loaded straight from a trolley without damaging the rear of the kayak. The unique gear locking allows the loader to be used in both loading and unloading with a smooth unloading process. Australian Made – Patent Pending



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The Will-I-Loader is designed with a unique locking gear and gas strut arrangement to be used in both the loading and unloading of kayaks. This loader was designed to remove the high angle needed to rotate a kayak to load onto a roof rack and damage the rear of the kayak and rudder assemblies. The loader consists of a stainless steel gear and locking pin arrangement and a gas strut that supports the weight on the way down and lifts the front end of the kayak for you when loading. The kayak is loaded by pulling the loader down to the loading position where the kayak can be wheeled on the trolley and the nose placed directly onto the loader. The front can then be pushed against the load-activation lever and the kayak then pushed up and onto the roof of the vehicle. The gas strut needs to be sized for the weight of the kayak so we have 3 options available. We recommend taking most of your accessories off the kayak while traveling but make sure you allow for them when choosing the size.

The Will-I-Loader has been engineered and built to last with the following features.

  • Stainless steel gearing and locking pins
  • Fits a 50mm tow hitch receiver
  • Heavy-duty aluminium tubing
  • Short overhang to increase entry and exit angles and remain legal when driving
  • Safety pin when driving
  • Stainless steel brackets
  • Adjustable V to suit a range of kayaks
  • Soft LDPE pads for the kayak to slide on
  • Cheater bar for pre-loading gas strut
  • Interchangeable mounts for different gas struts depending on weight
  • Remote number plate mount
  • Bumper for loading kayak
  • Plastic topped activation lever
Will-I-Loader 5
Will-I-Loader 6
Will-I-Loader 7

Replacement gas struts for the Will-I-Loader are available here

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Steve W.

The best option I found for lifting a heavy kayak on a truck rack.

After searching awhile for a good option to lift my Old Town auto pilot onto my truck rack, I purchased the Will I loader. It was easy to assemble and honesty works better than I expected. If you don’t want to have to buy a trailer this is a great option and leaves the truck bed open to carry other stuff. The US exchange rate saves you a lot as well.

David W.

Will I loader

Takes a few tries to get the hang of it. Easy way to load a kayak onto a truck rack.

Peter R.

Will-I- Loader 45-55kg

Previously I struggled with loading my Hobie Outback on my Ute roof racks with another type of loader, so I used my box trailer to tow it around. The Will-I-Loader now makes the task of roof loading so much better, it has allowed me to take my kayak to more places fishing and now there is no more struggling find a place to park with the trailer, and it is so much easier to roof load after a long day of fishing. The Will-I-Loader is a quality piece of engineering that should last the test of time.

Ronald M.

Will I loader

Works as advertised. Service was great. To U S in 8 days after ship. Well built. Nothing cheap. Make sure you get correct strut

Kelly H.

Awesome gadget

I had a system to load my Hobie PA14 on my truck rack. It consisted of a battery operated winch which was attached to the rack, a sling that had to be attached and fitted for the kayak every time I had to load it and unload it. Two extendable arms that had to be affixed to the rack. It was time consuming and when the winch died while on a fishing trip, I started looking on line for an alternative. So glad I lucked on to a couple YouTube videos that showed your system. So simple to put together and as retired military who subscribes to “Keep it Simple ******”, the Will I loader is the answer. I recommend this system to every one!!!


Good Product with Great service!

Great performance for Heavy Hobie Pro Angler. Really thank you for your Good Product with Great service!