Now that snapper season is here and I’ve done some kms (kilos, 1.6 km per mile, maybe done around 3 total…)… I’ve owned this Hobie Compass I got from SLHobie for nearly 1 year and here’s a run down of the things I have fit it out with and what I want to change.

First things first. I always run a light. This is because I always fish first light and last light either to catch bait or when the bite really turns on. I just leave this on all day. The power consumption is low enough that I can run both my sounder and light and still get a full day with no issues.

To power all my gear I now use the lightweight 17.5AH FPV Lithium battery. I used to have this just in the cradle but I’ve had the cradle fall out because the battery doesn’t take up the whole space like the lead acid battery, so we now make the mount pictured. Wet batteries and fuses is a recipe for frustration.

Hobie Compass with Railblaza Rod Holders and Shimano Reels

This is my chilli bin setup with Railblaza Rod holders. To be short I have a love hate relationship with this. It makes the kayak a sail. It can be blowing less than 5 knots and I get a horrible drift going that spins me quickly. The benefit of having a pedal kayak should be to stay on a spot and fish. This makes it a pain. I’ll be removing this when I come up with a new way to run the rods.

Side Bro with soft plastics, leader and pliers

I run the Side Bro on both sides. One I tuck in plastics, leader, scissors and a pair of pliers. The other I’m using for a junk bucket for jig heads and plastics. I also have the rectangular hatch replacing the round with 2 3600 Plano boxes with tackle in there.

Raymarine Dragonfly installed to Hobie Compass

The left hand side for me I have taken up with all my electronics. This has the Raymarine Dragonfly 7 mounted with a carbon camera boom that is a ram/railblaza love child holding the GoBro for extreme selfie action. The Right hand side I try to keep as free as possible. That is the “business” side.

My loves

  • The compass is light
  • Speed over propeller is quicker with less effort
  • Rectangular hatch storage is awesome

What I Want to Improve

  • Not having reverse after having it is a nightmare. I like to find fish, sit above them and stop. I’ll be looking at getting the 180 drive
  • The chilli bin setup and rods needs to go. Something I am working on
  • Install a rod holder on the right hand side by the seat for rigging and trolling
  • Install some new side handles for loading
  • A fixed rear handle for loading and unloading
  • In rough water the rudder doesn’t bite enough, I’m going to make a bigger one
  • The steering is tight always and low to the water making winter fishing a cold fingered experience. I’d like to raise this on a H rail