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Totalscan Ready Testing

Firstly a massive thanks to Alex Whitehead and Paul Malov, we seem to have been able to pull off an interstate project in just over a week and ready for on the water testing! The total scan transducer bolts up to the existing location and uses the two plastic mounts we have come up with.


The new cover sits over the top of the transducer to save it from wear and tear.


The cover sits just under the sides of the hull on a Pro Angler and as Alex found out it fits nicely on the trailer.

Totalscan Ready Testing 8
Totalscan Ready Testing 9

Alex was first on the water this morning and sent this screen shot of the side scan in action.

Totalscan Screenshot

He originally had his transducer glued through hull and was not happy with the image I woke up to a very excited message from him this morning… “That transducer mount is awesome! Bolted straight up really quickly and its providing the same crisp image as when I had it hanging over the rear of the kayak but now with no hassle!”.

Check out this mulloway he landed this morning also to top it off.


Thanks heaps for your help and the images Alex! Tomorrow morning I am catching up with Paul to see how his works we fitted up earlier in the week.

Here’s some more screenshots to bust the myths of loss of clarity using the Totalscan Mount

Cars on side scan


  • I was wondering if this will fit a 2015 outback

    • A

      Hi Tommy

      So long as it is Lowrance Ready with the plate on the base it will fit this mount 😀

  • Hey guys I have a question. I am looking for a good transducer mount for my kayak. My kayak is an ascend Fs12t and I have been debating about setting it up in my scupper or from my rod holder. My issue is, is that I have a pretty long transducer and everything that I have looked at seems to have the smaller transducer. Do you have a product that will work with my garmin echomap chirp 44dv transducer for the model kayak that I have?

    • A

      Hi Shawn

      Sorry I haven’t seen that model or how to mount them. Is there a location for them? You could adapt a lowrance scupper mount to fit that maybe?

  • Will this mount work with the older structure scan transducers (lss2)?

  • Oops!! Sorry, I looked further up and see your name is Martyn.

  • Hey Marylyn.

    One more question. Do the cables for the 3-d transducer fit through the existing through hull fittings for the Hobie lowrance ready feature or does it require drilling additional holes?

    Thanks again.

  • Hi Marylyn.

    I’m ready to purchase this product for the 3d structure scan for my Hobie T17. I don’t see it on your website yet. Is it available to order?

    Thanks so much.

    • A

      Hey James

      This transducer mount doesn’t fit the 3d transducer. I will have these for sale next week!


  • Hi Marylyn,

    Great idea. Am also keenly awaiting to install my 3D transducer this method once your product is out. Any time estimates?

    • A

      Hey Dave, Should have a first look at the 3d structure transducer mount early next week!

  • Hi Martyn

    Do you know if the mount is suitable for the Gen 3 3D transducer as they are close to the same size

    • A

      Hi Bruce

      Won’t fit with the 3D transducer. I’m currently working on one!

      • Thanks Martyn, how far off do you think the 3D mount will be.

        • A

          Hey Bruce

          Just producing the prototype now. Should be just after xmas!

  • I have a Lowrance elite 7 ti I’m planning on mounting it on my new 2017 pa 12, (when it arrives)
    Will this work?

  • I have a hummingbird 999si and need a cover for hobie pa14 do you have anything that will work?

  • does this fit with ocean kayak trident 4.3?
    how long waiting on my kayak ㅠㅠ

    • A

      Hi Kim no this is only suited for Hobie Kayaks sorry.

  • STLKayak

    Does it let in enough water for the temp to read correctly? Any issue with sand or mud getting lodged under the cover?

    • A

      Hi, it has 2 drain holes in the cover and a large hole at the rear for water to pass out. It gives a good temperature reading also. We haven’t had any issues yet in regards to sand getting stuck.

  • Available in the US, or Australia only right now?

  • Hi.

    Really great stuff. Do you send to Germany?

    Best regards

    • A

      Hi Mirco

      We ship world wide. If you just on the shop you can place an order! Thanks

  • When can I get one I have a ti7 id like to buy this mount for my hobie pa? Thank you

    • A

      Hi Joezef. They are available in our store now! Thanks for the interest

  • Will this also work on the Hobie Outback?

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