The BerleyPro visors are the only shade specifically designed to fit your fish finder/graph on the market. They are light weight, strong and easily installed on any setup.

Easy Installation on Flush Mount or Gimbal Mount

The visors work with both as they are CNC machined to fit the outside flange of your unit. This allows it to be mounted with the nuts and screws provided directly to the unit or through the holes into the dash/backing.

 Improve Visability and Function

The visor provides added protection from the elements such as rain, waves and glare. By reducing the amount of water on the screen you can spend less time cleaning it. Improve your touch screen usage and protect your card slots. 

By reducing glare it makes the screen more visible so you can see the fish or contours you are following. Reduce the brightness to save the battery life and reduce the temperature of your unit improving its running performance and avoiding shut downs.

Night time boating is also improved by sheilding your windscreen from the lights off the unit making it much more safer to commute at night.  

  • ABS plastic visor
  • Fasteners for gimbal/swing arm mounted setups
  • Instructions
Simrad Visor installation

Dimensions and Installation

  • 70-90mm deep depending on the size of the unit from 5-12 Inch
  • Made in Australia from thermal-formed ABS plastic
  • Fits with both flush mount and gimbal/Swing arm-mounted units using the fasteners provided

Key Benefits

Overheating Screen

Reduce Temperature

SD Card Slot

Protect Card Slots

Save Battery

Save Battery Life

Touch Screen

Improve Touch Screen

Reduce Glare

Reduce Glare


BP1716BerleyPro Lowrance Elite 12 TI / Elite 12 TI 2 Visor$59.00
BP1711BerleyPro Lowrance Elite 5 TI Visor$39.00
BP1708BerleyPro Lowrance Elite 7 TI / Elite 7 TI 2 Visor$44.00
BP1712BerleyPro Lowrance Elite 9 TI / Elite 9 TI 2 Visor$49.00
BP1701BerleyPro Lowrance Elite/Hook 3/4 Visor$29.00
BP1705BerleyPro Lowrance HDS 5 Visor$44.00
BP1727BerleyPro Lowrance HDS10 Visor$59.00
BP1731BerleyPro Lowrance HDS12 Carbon Visor$59.00
BP1738BerleyPro Lowrance HDS12 Live Visor$64.00
BP1709BerleyPro Lowrance HDS12 Visor$59.00
BP1729BerleyPro Lowrance HDS7 Carbon Visor$44.00
BP1706BerleyPro Lowrance HDS7 GEN 1/2 NON TOUCH Visor$44.00
BP1707BerleyPro Lowrance HDS7 GEN 2/3 Visor$44.00
BP1736BerleyPro Lowrance HDS7 Live Visor$49.00
BP1718BerleyPro Lowrance HDS8 Visor$49.00
BP1730BerleyPro Lowrance HDS9 Carbon Visor$49.00
BP1737BerleyPro Lowrance HDS9 Live Visor$54.00
BP1710BerleyPro Lowrance HDS9 Visor$49.00
BP1702BerleyPro Lowrance Hook/Elite 5 Visor$39.00
BP1703BerleyPro Lowrance Hook/Elite 7 Visor$44.00
BP1714BerleyPro Lowrance Hook/Elite 9 Visor$59.00
BP1739Lowrance Hook2 12 Visor$64.00
BP1719Lowrance Hook2 4 Visor$29.00
BP1720Lowrance Hook2 5 Visor$39.00
BP1721Lowrance Hook2 7 Visor$44.00
BP1714Lowrance Hook2 9 Visor$59.00


BP2528BerleyPro Garmin 10X2 Visor$59.00
BP2529BerleyPro Garmin 12X2 Visor$64.00
BP2510BerleyPro Garmin Echomap 45DV Visor$29.00
BP2509BerleyPro Garmin Echomap 55CV Visor$39.00
BP2501BerleyPro Garmin Echomap 72/73/74/75SV Visor$44.00
BP2505BerleyPro Garmin Echomap NON PLUS 92/93/94/95SV Visor$59.00
BP2527BerleyPro Garmin Echomap PLUS 40 Series Visor$29.00
BP2521BerleyPro Garmin Echomap PLUS 65 Visor$44.00
BP2518BerleyPro Garmin Echomap PLUS 72/73/74/75 Visor$44.00
BP2519BerleyPro Garmin Echomap PLUS 92/93/94/95 Visor$59.00
BP2531BerleyPro Garmin ECHOMAP ULTRA 100 Series Visor$59.00
BP2532BerleyPro Garmin ECHOMAP ULTRA 120 Series Visor$64.00
BP2530BerleyPro Garmin GPSMAP 1222/1242/A12 Visor$59.00
BP2507BerleyPro Garmin GPSMAP 7407/7607 Visor$49.00
BP2511BerleyPro Garmin GPSMAP 7410/7610 Visor$59.00
BP2506BerleyPro Garmin GPSMAP 7412/7612 Visor$59.00
BP2515BerleyPro Garmin GPSMAP 900 Series Visor$59.00
BP2502BerleyPro Garmin Striker 4 Visor$29.00
BP2504BerleyPro Garmin Striker 5 Visor$39.00
BP2503BerleyPro Garmin Striker 7 Visor$44.00
BP2517BerleyPro Garmin Striker 9 Visor$59.00
BP2520BerleyPro Garmin Striker PLUS 4 Visor$29.00
BP2522BerleyPro Garmin Striker PLUS 5 Visor$39.00
BP2523BerleyPro Garmin Striker PLUS 7 Visor$44.00
BP2524BerleyPro Garmin Striker PLUS 9 Visor$59.00
Garmin Echomap Visors$34.00$59.00
Garmin GPSMAP XS Visors$49.00$59.00


BP2103BerleyPro Raymarine Axiom 7 Visor$44.00
BP2104BerleyPro Raymarine Axiom 9 Visor$49.00
BP2102BerleyPro Raymarine Dragonfly 4/5 Visor$39.00
BP2101BerleyPro Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Pro Visor$44.00
BP2105BerleyPro Raymarine Element 7 Visor$44.00
BP2106BerleyPro Raymarine Element 9 Visor$54.00


BP1713BerleyPro Simrad Go 7 Visor$44.00
BP1734BerleyPro Simrad NSS12 EVO 2 Visor$64.00
BP1733BerleyPro Simrad NSS12 EVO 3 Visor$64.00
BP1715BerleyPro Simrad NSS7 EVO 3 Visor$54.00
BP1732BerleyPro Simrad NSS9 EVO 3 Visor$54.00
Simrad Cruise Visors$49.00$59.00
Simrad GO Visors$49.00$59.00
Simrad NSS EVO Visors$49.00$64.00