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Slayer Got Lock

I’ve recently been finishing off the new design for the slayer rudder but while my [...]


Power Pack Powering Fish Finders

The Propel Power Pack can not only be used for electronics at the back of [...]

Propel Power Pack

I won’t lie, I am pretty excited to finally have a working part for the [...]


Tackle Pod Build

As normal I have left myself the perfect amount of time to get my gear [...]

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Tuffy’s Serious Slayer

Matt Tuffy from Imitate Baits has recently teamed up with the crew at Capacity Sports and will [...]

Slayer Steering Swap

I have been wanting to swap the steering to the other side on the slayer. This is [...]


Slayer 13 Lowrance Install

I have just finished prototyping a new transducer mount that fits in the scuppers under the [...]

Slayer 10 Ready For Action

Over the past couple of days I have finished off the install on John’s Slayer [...]


Slayer 10 Surgery

John from Ebb Tide and myself have recently been working on fitting out some new parts [...]

Native Watercraft Rudder Upgrade

After my trip away to Wingan Inlet and having to do 21 point turns in [...]