Over the past months I have been fishing out of a Slayer 13, I have been working on alternatives to mounting the electronics and other tackle than what is currently available.

The first part I produced was a twin battery holder that replaces the front hatch. This can hold either 1 or 2, 9ah batteries which allows me a whole weekend of fishing without worrying about battery life with my electronics.

Native Watercraft Twin Battery Mount

I originally had the transducer hanging over the side attached to the track mounts at the front. After landing fish and getting countless tangles on the arm, I have decided the only place for the transducer is as far behind me as possible. I designed a prototype mount to allow my cables to be passed through the rear round hatch. This also was the perfect opportunity to add a battery mount in this location.


 I cut some prototypes to see if the parts fit.


The battery mount and the through hull gland are sitting in the cradle nicely.


I glued the seal to the base and fit it all in the kayak. The wiring is run for my live bait tank, light and transducer. Next step is to make a transducer mount for the rear..