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Alasfar Aventure 2015

There is no easy way for me to pack up all my gear and head to Alasskar so I left it to an emotional last minute ordeal with my good friend Trappa to help pack my one change of clothes and unnecessary tackle. This is the second year in a row we will be travelling to Ketchikan chasing salmon and hopefully the halibut to further ruin my home town fishing even further. I thought I would give you a quick run down of our journey so far and will keep you updated as the days progress.

This year I am travelling with a couple of regular salmonheads from Christchurch who are determined to beat there back home PBs of “bloody small” and “is that even a fush bro?”. Cliff is the man with all the experience and Richard is here for world famous Ketchikan sunshine! Plus Simon is here from last year so it should be a great trip!

Here is a shot of Ketchikan and the water ways while we were coming in.

Alaska blog 1-1

And this is us on the plane flying to Ketchikan.


If there is one thing that was great, it was landing into K City with sunshine. This next shot shows you what the amazing scenery looks like.


It was definitely good to be back but it was time to start chasing some salmon. For the first few days I will be fishing in a 22 foot motorised aluminium kayak but once these lads have had enough of me it will be time to get into the halibut on the yak.


Richard Briansal was quickly first to jump in the salmon seat catching a great king salmon starting at 23 lb increasing at 1 lb per person told. Look at that face!


Simon also managed a good Silver!


And I ended up in the lead from catching pound after pound of exotic sushi wrapping.


We ended the night on a high with freshly caught salmon and beerskies!



  • Everyone loves the link and photos, thanks Marty.

  • Sounds like you all are having a good time. Keep up the photos, and hopefully martyn you will catch a fish. Good luck.

  • Looking awesome mate cannot wait to see and read more! Hopefully i can tag along next year!

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