Today was the first day we woke up and Willy Weather had predicted the wrong weather in our favor! There was no wind! It was time to have a serious crack at chasing halibut since I had been letting the team down…..




For the first time I was able to drop a bait on top of a pin at 300 feet. You would not believe how good it feels not to drift over a ledge every 5 minutes down to 500+ feet and have to wind up a 16 ounce or more weight!




Bang! Within 5 minutes I was hooked up! Thanks heaps Larry from LJ Custom Rods for building me a specific kayak halibut rod! It works amazing! It was a relatively quick fight with the halibut up to the kayak and I had cut its gill and ready to pull on. This year I came prepared! After fishing with Stephen Tapp in New Zealand I bought a fish stringer with me to help land the fish!




After making sure the fish was deceased I quickly swung it into the yak! Job done!




38lbs of halibut in my lap! I could not be any happier right now!




And here is the fillayes I took off it! This is by far one of the best eating fish you can ever try! Time for a beer or 12!



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