This is how to install a BerleyPro Sidescan transducer mount on your Hobie® Passport or Lynx. All you will need is a Phillips head screwdriver and the mounting screws that come with your Garmin or Lowrance side scan transducer.



Firstly, you need to thread the transducer cable through the adaptor plate as shown. Then install the 4 mounting screws that come with the Garmin or Lowrance Transducer, into the adapter plate. The Lowrance transducer plate is shown in this tutorial.


Lowrance Elite FS Install Hobie Lynx

Lowrance 3 in 1 Transducer Install Passport


Do these screws up hand tight and be careful not to over-tighten them.


Hobie Lynx Garmin Side Vu Transducer Installation


Install the adapter thick adaptor plate to the base of the kayak using the existing screw. Do this by hand and make sure the screw is not bottoming out on the insert when tightening. If this does, replace it with a shorter screw.


Installing Side Imaging Transducer on Hobie Lynx


Run the transducer cable through the transducer scupper.


Fishing Finder Install on Hobie Lynx


Pull the excess cable through the hole from the top, and place the transducer on top of the adaptor with the cover.


Hobie Lynx Passport Lowrance 3 In 1 Transducer Installation


Install the longer rear screw provided into the rear of the transducer cover. Do this up by hand and ensure it doesn’t bottom out on the base of the insert. If it does, replace it with a shorter screw.



Install the two 8/32 x 3/8 screws into the brass inserts as shown. Do this up so it just grabs the plastic so it can move if hit and not damage the cover.



Job done so get on the beers! Yipaah!

3 thoughts on “Hobie Lynx/Passport Sidescan Transducer Mount Installation

  1. Chris Friedeman says:

    Great products! I recently bought an Hobie Oasis. Where and how would you recommend me install a Triple shot or Garmin sideview transducer please

  2. Jon warner says:

    Bummer, my garminGt54uhd-tm transducer hole pattern does not line up with your adapter you have an updated adapter plate ? Purchased BP2631 from Meltintackle, Anaheim Ca

  3. Paul says:

    The install guide is not very helpful. The mount itself isn’t the best fit. It binds on the cords a little. Eventually got it figured out. Not too bad, could be a lot better though.

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