Recently I have noticed a few people running their AGM batteries flat which in some cases resulted in not being able to recharge the battery so I thought I would give you a quick run down of how to show a volt gauge on your Lowrance Fish Finder. I hope this could potentially save your batteries as ideally you never want to run a AGM battery flat!


This is done on a Lowrance 4 HDI but is the same on the Elite 4x, Elite 4 DSI, Elite 4 Chirp and 5 and 7 series in the same. It will most likely work on others but I haven’t had the chance to try. First turn the unit on.




Press the “MENU” button and scroll down to “Overlay data”.




Press “ENTER” on “Overlay data”. In the new window shown,  make sure “Show” has a cross in the box. This will toggle the data to be displayed on and off, if not press “ENTER” on the show option. Press “ENTER” on “Configure” to continue.




In the next window it shows the data you currently have overlapped on your screen. You want to press “MENU” and then scroll down to “Add”. You can also change the position of the data with the “Move…” option and the size with the “Size”.




Scroll down to “Sensor Data”, press “ENTER’ and then press “ENTER” again to select the voltage. This will be indicated it is shown by the cross in the box as shown.




To return press “MENU” and the press “ENTER” on “Return to Overlays”.




Do the same again and press “Done configuring”.




You should now have a voltage displayed on the screen so you can keep an eye on your batteries charge! To get the best value for your batteries ideally you don’t want to discharge your battery more that %50. The below voltages are just a guideline of what you can expect when there is no current draw on the battery.

State of Charge Sealed or Flooded Lead Acid Gel battery AGM battery
100% 12.70+ 12.85+ 12.80+
75% 12.40 12.65 12.60
50% 12.20 12.35 12.30
25% 12.00 12.00 12.00
0% 11.80 11.80 11.80

I hope this helps!