Recently I have noticed a few people running their AGM batteries flat, which in some cases resulted in not being able to recharge the battery. I’ve put together this blog to give you a quick rundown of how to show a voltage gauge on your Lowrance Fish Finder. I hope this could potentially save your batteries as ideally you never want to run an AGM battery flat!

This is done on a Lowrance HDS12 Live but is the same on most of the Lowrance series graphs the same.

First, turn the unit on.

Displaying voltage on Lowrance Fish Finder

Press the power button to bring up the menu.

Lowrance Voltage Display Press Power Button

Toggle the Data Overlay display on or off by pressing the Data Overlay button. The orange bar at the top means it is on or off.

Lowrance Voltage Display Press Data Overlay Button

Select the Edit Overlay option.

Lowrance Voltage Edit OverLay Button

Select the Add option.

Lowrance Voltage Select Add Voltage

Select the Other option at the bottom.

Lowrance Voltage Display Choose Other Option

Select the Supply Voltage option.

Lowrance Voltage Supply select Supply Voltage

You can also change the size of the voltage display to suit you by pressing the configure option and choosing the size. You can also drag the voltage display anywhere that you would like it to be displayed on the screen.

Lowrance Voltage Display Select Configure
Lowrance Voltage Display Change Size

Once you’ve got the size you want and location remember to hit save!

Lowrance Voltage Remember to hit Save

You should now have a voltage displayed on the screen so you can keep an eye on your batteries’ charge! To get the best value for your batteries ideally you don’t want to discharge your battery more than %50. The below voltages are just a guideline of what you can expect when there is no current draw on the battery.

State of Charge Sealed or Flooded Lead Acid Gel battery AGM battery
100% 12.70+ 12.85+ 12.80+
75% 12.40 12.65 12.60
50% 12.20 12.35 12.30
25% 12.00 12.00 12.00
0% 11.80 11.80 11.80

If you’re looking for ways to improve the run time on your battery, a great solution is reducing the brightness. On the units, I have measured they can draw up to 1A at full brightness you can save nearly 30% normally by just turning the brightness down to 60%. We provide a large range of Lowrance Visors to help you still see by protecting the screen from water and glare.

I hope this helps!

13 thoughts on “How to Show Battery Voltage On Your Lowrance Fish Finder

  1. Tom says:

    Thanks, man. I’m using 8-packs of AA batteries that my wife gets from work. I’ll see how low they have to go before the unit shuts off.

  2. David Antink says:

    My hook 2 ts 9 in always reads1 to 11/2 volts lower than actual supply voltage.just got it back from factory service and still the same. 5 mos. old. Unit came back with NO explenation/paperwork.will see if other problems Are fixed next time out.

    • Martyn says:

      Hi mate. If the battery is showing 12 at it and you are reading 2 at the unit you most likely have a connection problem. Check those or even a corroded wire.

  3. Brian Batchelor says:

    I have a Lowrance Elite 5 DSI on my Hobie Pro Angler, I had the Voltage display on screen when I first got it an now it has disappeared an I can’t get it back on screen again.
    Any ideas how to get it back on screen again, the operation manual says zip.

  4. Walleye Bob says:

    Worked on my Lowrance Hook Reveal 7! Just picked it up this last Friday and have been tinkering with the settings and getting it how I want it. Thanks!

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