The Kimmi Cart now comes partly assembled to make life even easier. It’s a quick and simple process to have your new kayak transporter ready for action:

Unpacking the Kimmi Cart, it now comes partly assembled for your convenience

Step 1: Unpack the box: Unpack the box and you’ll discover 2x kayak bunks and their arms, one axle housing, 2x axles and R-clips (or lynch pins), the kick stand and fastening kit, and the tie down straps. For assembly all you will need is a 4mm hex key (Allen key/wrench) and a 10mm spanner

Start with the axles by lining them against the housing to show left and right sides
Add one axle at a time to the axle housing to ensure correct hole alignment with the intenal spacer
The axle assembly completed

Step 2: Start with assembling the axles into the axle housing: The easiest way to find which way round they’re assembled is to lay the axles beside the housing and line up the holes. Simply remove one machine screw, washer and nut, and install that axle before proceeding with the other. Always make sure the black plastic spacers between the stainless screws and aluminum parts go back in place.

Kimmi Cart kayak bunks and arms can be unfolded and set up

Step 3: Unfold and set the kayak bunks: This couldn’t be easier, simply unfold each arm, remove the release pin (the silicone strap pulls off the tapered end), align the holes, then replace the pin. This is the Kimmi Cart folding mechanism once fully assembled.

Install the kayak bunk assemblies on the axle by sliding them over the ends and tightening the nut and screw
Align the Kimmi Cart kayak bunk arms on the axle housing using the fitting label as a guide

Step 4: Fit the arms and axle assembly together: To fit the arms lay the axle assembly on the floor with the “KIMMI CART” label facing away, and the alignment ruler facing up. Now stand the arms on their backs behind, with the clamps on the floor. This is the correct alignment for sliding them over the axle ends and into position. Note that the open slot end of the clamps should end up aligning with the “CLAMP SLOT – PATENT PENDING – CLAMP SLOT” labeling on the axle assembly. Space the bunk arms to fit your kayak hull (the index marks on top of the axle help ensure even spacing) then tighten the clamping screws. Please Note: excessive force isn’t needed as the clamps have ample surface area for a secure grip.

Install the Kimmi Cart kickstand bushes as indicated as they are essential for correct operation
The Kimmi Cart kickstand should be a friction fit and fold over the axle

Step 5: Fit the kick stand: Lay the Kimmi Cart on the kayak bunks with the axle assembly in the air. The kick stand is fitted over the “CLAMP SLOT – PATENT PENDING – CLAMP SLOT” label using the 2x plastic spacers, M6 x 70 machine screw, 2x washers, and nyloc nut. This is tightened to a light friction fit so the kick stand can be moved easily, but will still support the Kimmi Cart when standing upright on its wheels. The adjustment slot on the kickstand allows the cart to accommodate a variety of wheel diameters – adjust the position to suit your needs. The tab at the foot end of the kick stand has slots cut to make it easy to bend with pliers for a bigger footprint on soft surfaces if needed. Please note: the plastic spacers must be installed as indicated for a correct friction fit and operation of the kickstand.

When fitting the Kimmi Cart tiedown straps start with kickstand and the strap without a buckle
The Kimmi Cart tiedown strap with the stainless camlock buckle is fitted to the opposite leg
Run the Kimmi Cart tiedown straps through the middle or top slot of the height adjustment arms

Step 6: Fit the tie-down straps: Start with the plain strap without the stainless camlock buckle attached. Fit the plain strap to the tapered slot at the toe of the kickstand using the provided nylon buckle. The long end can then be routed up through the middle or top slot of the height adjustment bar (as shown above) on the opposite side of the Kimmi Cart. When this strap is tightened to secure your kayak on top of the Kimmi Cart the tension will automatically raise the kickstand for you. The other strap with the stainless steel camlock buckle can then be attached to the middle or top slot of the other height adjustment bar. Please note: if your straps rub on the wheels you’ve chosen for your Kimmi Cart shift the straps to the end slots immediately below the kayak bunks.

Final step: fit the wheels and check the kickstand has enough friction to keep it upright

Step 7: Fit wheels and final check: Your wheels can now be fitted using the lynch pins (or R-clips) provided and the Kimmi Cart stood upright on its kickstand. Adjust the kickstand screw tension so it has just enough resistance to keep the cart upright for loading your kayak. If needed, the height adjustable arms can be moved to any of the other hole positions to place your kayak just above your wheels without them rubbing on the hull.

The Kimmi Cart collapsed flat and ready for transport

To fold your Kimmi Cart for easy transport simply remove the wheels then remove the release pins to free the other ends of the height adjustment arms (reverse of Step 3 above). These arms then fold inside the kayak bunk arms allowing the cart to fold flat. The release pins should always be reinserted in their holes in the legs for safe storage.

Please note that some components may appear different to those in the images here. This Kimmi Cart has axles and lynch pins to suit C-Tug wheels. Kimmi Carts supplied to suit Wheeleez wheels will have solid axles and R-clips as retainers.

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