I’ve just finished helping Ben Faro get his new Ultimate FX Propel ready for the Bass Australia Nation tournament next week at Clarrie Hall In NSW.

The one last part he needed was to fit a live well to hold the bass for weigh-in. Unlike most sit on top kayaks I have worked on, plumbing this into the FX was going to be a first.

Ben grabbed a 41L chilly bin and we started by making some plates to locate the esky.



The LH plate is slotted to allow for any difference in the cooler. This is just adjusted by using the thumbscrews in the track mounts.



The RH locating mount has a location for a pump also. This has been moved out so it will pick up the water and Ben can lay his rods horizontal next to it.



I put the battery in a sealed mount attached to the esky. This is able to be charged through the 2 pin plug and if not being used Ben can just plug it into the blanking plug to keep it watertight.



The pump is permanently attached to this plate and the pickup extends down into the water. The side plate has a waterproof switch in it so he can turn it on when needed.


Good luck with the weekend Ben!!!

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