BerleyPro Native Watercraft Propel Rudder Upgrade

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Reinvent your Native Watercraft with this rudder upgrade. The rudder works by having a spring loaded center section that extends below the hull, giving it more surface area acting on the water. This gives you the ability to have finally let go of the steering while peddling with much improved tracking to keep your hands free! The rudder dramatically increases the response in turning and removes the laziness of the kayak while turning.

Why go extend the rudder down instead of backwards? When designing these rudders we tried many extensions and all we found was they improve the tracking slightly while the turning circle improvement is marginal. The steering cables tend to break normally so we also wanted a solution that provides a minimum increase in torque to the handle.

Benefits of this rudder

  • Increased response when turning
  • Better tracking
  • Much tighter turning circle

This rudder fits the following kayaks

  • Native Watercraft Slayer Propel 10
  • Native Watercraft Slayer Propel 13
  • Native Watercraft Titan Propel 10.5
  • Native Watercraft Titan Propel 12
  • Native Watercraft Titan Propel 13.5
  • Native Watercraft Manta Ray Propel
  • Native Watercraft Slayer Propel 12 LT
  • Native Watercraft Ultimate FX Propel
  • Native Watercraft Mariner 10
  • Native Watercraft Mariner 12.5

Worried about what happens when you hit something going forwards? 

Don’t worry… The rudder is designed to fold back into itself if you hit something going forwards! It will just retract to the same size as the original rudder and you can put the locking pin provided in for easy transport, landing and launching.

We make the rudders in Melbourne Australia out of thermoformed ABS plastic, and a CNC machined aluminium shaft. The rudder can be installed quickly with a screw driver and it comes with a locking pin so it can be collapsed when travelling.

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William S.

Took for eva. Sent two

Took for eva. Sent two tension plates. Dont know if I was charged or not. Titan seat risers are good but the back one fell off no way to secure it unless I figure it out myself. Wanted to advertise on my yak with Berkley pro stickers but was ghosted on that. I dont know what to think about Berkley pro. Promised me to have by my tournament but was a week and a half late. If I wouldn't of emailed them I dont know if I would have gotten the stuff then. Anyway. I'm done.:v:

Andrea C.

Everything is perfect!!!!!


Michael B.

Rudder review

The rudder is great it improved the tracking and steering of the yak 10 fold I recommend doing this upgrade