Here at BerleyPro, we strive to make life on the water a more pleasurable and fulfilling experience for you. We want to make sure your kayak is doing exactly what you need it to so that, no matter what you’re up to on the water, you can focus on enjoying yourself! Cue our brand new  Slayer 10/13/Manta Propel Aluminum Handle Upgrade


Benefits of the Slayer Max Aluminum Handle Upgrade

  1. Improve the strength of your handle
  2. Smoother and more responsive steering
  3. Raise the handle for easier access
  4. Water and weather resistant
  5. Fits Slayer 10/13/LT Propel, and Manta Ray Propel kayaks


How to fit this Handle Upgrade

This Handle upgrade can be fitted with the standard Native Watercraft Steering Pulley. However, the demonstration below shows the handle in conjunction with BerleyPros Titan Steering Conversion which provides a range of benefits, such as tighter turning circles and more responsive steering (click here to find out more).

1. Remove the rudder to loosen the steering cords at the rear.

Slayer 10 - 13 Aluminium Handle Upgrade

2.Remove the original handle assembly so you are left with only the pulley and cords sitting in the cavity.

Slayer 10 - 13 Aluminium Handle Upgrade

3.Install the pulley on the base of the new aluminum shaft using the m6 x 12 cap screw and a 4mm Allen key. Make sure the handle is orientated the same way as the one that comes off so your steering is straight.

Slayer 10 - 13 Aluminium Handle Upgrade

4.Make sure the cords are pulled tight on the pulley and install the new handle with the 4 screws as shown. Reinstall the rudder and tension the cords at the rear of the kayak and then test to make sure you still have a full range of motion on the rudder.

Slayer 10 - 13 Aluminium Handle Upgrade

5. You can change how tight or loose the steering handle is by adjusting the preload from the 4mm Allen key in the top of the handle.


Your brand new Handle Upgrade is now in place. This replacement should take around 20 minutes.




If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or you could always leave us a comment below!



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