This post shows how you can quickly install our 2 inch (50mm) seat risers on your Native Watercraft Slayer 10, 13 or Manta Ray Propel. The seat risers have the following benefits. 

  • Improved pedaling angle
  • More storage under seat
  • Easier to stand and sit down
  • Raised fishing position

Firstly, remove the rear caps on the tube attached to the rear of the chair. 


Install the new rear seat risers by tapping them on with a rubber mallet. Ensure the flat edge is pointed down as this is where the seat sits on. These can also be rotated after installed. Repeat this with the other side.  


Remove the front seat mounts by twisting them off and cut the bungee holding them together.


With a pair of pliers, grab the locking washer on the thread and wind the screws out. Install these on the new mounts with the same amount of thread extruding. 


Using a rubber mallet install the the front seat risers onto the tube. Ensure they on the right way with the screw offsets the same as orriginal or they will not align with the tracks to secure the seat. These can be twisted once installed to make sure they are sitting flat on the hull of the kayak. Repeat this on the other side and you’re now ready to install the seat back into the kayak. 

To purchase these mounts click here

Please if you have any questions send me an email at [email protected] or leave a comment below. 

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