Recently Rado owner of Rado’s Rental Rafts had an idea of putting a 2.5hp Suzuki motor on the side of his 2016 Hobie Adventure Island. Here’s what we came up with…



We laser cut and folded the mount from 316 stainless and TIG welded it. This presses over the rear crossbar.



The mount had to be low enough to use a short shaft outboard (15″ leg) so it sits just above the bar like this. We machined a piece of marine ply that fills the whole cavity above the arm and then put two plastic plates for the motor to sit on.



The rear bar is made from some 316 tube with bushes welded in the ends and 2 Railblaza starports to help support the motor so all the force isn’t on the cross bar. The bar is made to fit with the Hobie livewell.

We took the motor out for a quick spin but now its time to get it rigged for chasing tuna!

17 thoughts on “Outboard Mount For Hobie Adventure Island

  1. raul chacon says:

    that looks awesome and functional! are you guys building them for sale? do you think this will work on a hobie outback with a trolling motor?

  2. Igor says:

    I am looking to do the same, tried using railblaza motor mount but for a 2.2 HP it keeps breaking.

    Do you offer these for sale?

  3. Brad Yong says:

    I have a Tandem Islander would it fit?
    If so, I would like to purchase one.
    Where & when can I purchase one and how much are they?

  4. Jorge De La Paz says:

    Hi , how is the rig for the motor mount working ,also was there any stress damage to the kayak after being used for a period of time.

    • Martyn says:

      Hi Jorge

      The mount is working great currently. We would definitely make it a little bit different next time just to mount some more parts on it. Thanks

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