Wingan Inlet

It had been over 14 months of Philius planning and the weekend finally arrived to make the 11 hour drive to Wingan Inlet for the long weekend.


The weather couldn’t have been any better! We spent the whole of Saturday exploring the inlet and taking in what it had to offer.


The upper inlet was spectacular. You can paddle down various stretches of water and see the bream darting past in the shallows.


The fishing was slow but on the first day but I managed a cracker of a brim and Philius took a good flatty.


Philius looking super pleased with himself!


Norm was slaving away trying to catch another Tailor to put his finger in its mouth.


We found a big Gecko next to the camp site.


Kent spent the day flicking the shallows in the Purple Love Bus.


Poor John had wondered why paddling was so hard during the day.


Philius with another good flatty.


It was a great weekend and I can’t thank the guys enough for attending. Wingan Inlet is a great spot just remember to take your insect repellent!

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