Over the past couple of days I have finished off the install on John’s Slayer 10. I started by making an aluminium mount for the structure scan receiver to go in the front hatch of the kayak.




I also made a stainless plate to bolt to a starport to mount sounder head unit.




Now that all of the mounts were done it was time to start wiring. I bolted up the structure scan unit and plugged in the 3 plugs associated with it.




I wired the front and rear batteries in parallel and spliced in some waterproof fuse holders which are mounted on the side of the battery mount.




I used two Hobie through hole glands to run the 3 cables to the sounder head unit.





The wiring was originally intended to go down the track but I had given up on that idea so other parts could be mounted to the tracks. I made some front and rear cable clamps to hold the cables.

Front Cable Clamps



 Raer Cable Clamps


To reduce the wobble caused by the looseness of the Starport I made a clamp to sit on the tube of the transducer mount.


The clamp worked great for securing the transducer!


To finish it off I fitted up a BerleyPro light. Here is photo taken at night time to show you the light over the deck.


2 thoughts on “Slayer 10 Ready For Action

  1. Clint Hockley says:

    Another great deal of pride & care put into the work. Good job! Im sure john will be very happy with what has been done to his yak

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