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Tackle Pod Build

As normal I have left myself the perfect amount of time to get my gear ready for this trip to Vanuatu. I thought I had better make a start on converting my Tacklepod into a live bait tank and fitting the Raymarine Dragonfly 5Pro to it….. I have decided make the whole Tacklepod into a live well. I plan on plumbing this so I can also use it as a normal pod also if I like. The first thing to do was to make a tray to sit under the lid to give me somewhere to put my tackle. I made a mold and cut up a sheet HDPE and had my first go at working with plastic.


The first try definitely had a very contemporary feel to it. So I quickly trimmed it with the hand lathe and had another shot.


The wind was obviously blowing the right way on the second draw and it turned out a treat. I trimmed it with the hand lathe and checked it for fitment.


It fit! I decided to put a hinge on the back of the lid to allow this new tray to be tilted backwards when required.


Here’s a shot of the inside and the pump I will be using. I now just have to mount the batteries and fit the Dragonfly and I am all sorted!


Also a massive thanks to the guys at Truth Reels for quickly organising a reel for this trip! I ordered a new blue LG and now I just need to add some braid! This reel is so well made and I look forward to using it! I will show some photos of it later!

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  • Mark, your constaint inovativness is a great reminder to what is possible when passion is applied. I just wish you were in the US so your product prices would be closer in line with volume sales. Perhaps our company would be inline to facilitate that direction. I know nothing of international commerce on the micro level. Maybe jumping the gun. Your battery hatch is a hit, but how are the rudder sales? At any rate mate, keep up the berleypro brainstorms, eventually you will hit a (homerun – dont know a wicket ’bout cricket) FYI: i beleave your video of your boat didnt serve as the impact you were looking for. I got it, you were just displaying options, but the average yaker looked at it as gauwdy and tore it down as what da hell?? Passion, politics and products! Ha! Consider finding a marketing guru that understands the psychi of the market. Business at our level is a fickled thing. You can be good at working in the business and like many, not so good at working on the business. Few have the ability to work well on the frontend of the operation and even have time to work the rear end. I am a one man band as well, but i only promote my company to a specific market and my wife and accountant handles the rear end and this had to be learned over several years of establishing the business. I hope to hear back from you as I truly admire your post moves me to think. (Dont worry, I already have my own Bailiwick. You are secure.) Happy Hollidays and wish you a prosperous New Year!

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